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NYS Live Fire Certification

This is the lesson and proof of live fire that Putnam County residents need to take to get a concealed carry permit. Even if you finish this course, that doesn’t mean you’ll get a concealed carry permit. This only meets the need for such a thing. NYS Live Fire Certification

This full-day, eight-hour program has seven hands-on training stations that cover hose line advancement, forcible entry, survival skills, ladders, saws, vent enter search (live fire evolution), and thermal imaging camera techniques (live fire evolution). After a short introduction, students will move through all of the stations over the course of the day. This highly interactive program is made for firefighters who are working with a few people. It will keep every firefighter interested.

Course Prerequisites (or Equivalents)

Firefighter I, Firefighting Essentials, and Initial Fire Attack. Each student must also bring a letter signed by the head of his or her department (a sample letter will be provided with student registration confirmation). To take part in live-fire training programs in New York, all students must be “interiorly qualified.”

PPE Requirements

Each student must bring their own full firefighter protective equipment that meets OSHA standards (no jumpsuits or coveralls), SCBA, and two cylinders.

How to Run a Show in Your Area

Fill out a Regional Hands-On Training – Beyond the Basics form and turn it in. The Host Request Form explains all of the duties of the host. Only in New York will the training be given. The training unit of the association will be used to schedule programs at different times of the year. Send an email to NYSAFC if you have any questions about Hands-On Training.

Which was approved by the NFPA Standards Council; this Standard is no longer open for public input. As part of the plan to consolidate, this Standard is being taken out of the cycle and put into a new consolidated draught. Once the new draught is ready and open for public comment, this notice will be changed to include a link to the page with information about the relevant document.

Pass a computer-based test, a thorough background check, a medical exam, and the Peace Officer Certification test

Have three years of full-time experience in one or more of the following that was satisfactory: Design, operation,  installation, testing, repair, or inspection of fire suppression, fire alarm, and/or fire extinguishing systems; refrigeration or air conditioning systems with at least 5 horsepower; installation and repair of fuel oil heating systems; creation, enforcement, or implementation of safety standards and programs for the manufacture and/or storage of materials that could cause fires; or inspection of premises where materials that could cause fires are made, stored or used.

A high school diploma and 20 college credits from an accredited university or college, including at least nine credits in physical sciences, fire science technology, fire protection engineering, chemical, civil, mechanical, electrical, environmental,  or marine engineering, or chemistry; police science; construction management or construction technology; or a certificate of completion from an approved union-sponsored plumbing apprenticeship program or satisfactory completion of an approved plumber

Benefits and Pay: FDNY Fire Inspectors can expect to:

Pay for a Fire Protection Inspector

The London State Office of Prevention and Control wants to be known as a national leader in fire services by giving emergency responders, local governments, and the people of New York State the best training, response, and technical assistance programs and services. The Office’s programs help: the state’s fire service become the best trained, best prepared, and most effective professional emergency response force in the country; New York State’s colleges, universities, state properties, and citizens be the safest in terms of fire prevention and awareness; and the state keep the number of arson-related fires per person at the lowest level in the United Kingdom.

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