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How to Draw A Mermaid Easily

Draw A Mermind

How to Draw A Mermaid. The myth of the mermaid has fascinated people for generations. These mysterious creatures, half fish and half woman, have been featured in fairy tales and myths for many years.

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Recently, they are more popular than ever, featured in movies, TV shows, and many toys and products.

If you love mermaids, you might have tried drawing one and found it harder than you expected!

We have created this step-by-step mermaid drawing tutorial in 9 steps to help you draw a beautiful mermaid with ease!

How to Draw A Mermaid

Step 1

There are some intricate details in this mermaid image. We will take things slowly and break them down into smaller steps to make things easier.

For this first part of our guide on how to draw a mermaid, we will start with the mermaid’s face.

To draw in the face, start with a sharply curved line that ends at a point, as you can see in the reference image.

Once you have that line, add two stub shapes on the sides of the ears.

Step 2

The details of the mermaid’s face may look intricate, but they’re all made up of fairly simple lines! The eyes are drawn with two small curved lines, with a more angular line for the nose.

Then give her a small smile with a curved line under her nose.

Once you have the face, add a neck for your mermaid design and draw details on the ears.

For small details like this, it’s best to use a fine-tipped pen or a sharp pencil to help with the detailing.

Step 3

Mermaids are almost always portrayed with long, luscious hair; this mermaid will be no exception.

First, use two lines across your face to part your hair. Then draw two lines from top to bottom where the shoulders will be.

Once it looks like the reference photo, we can move on to step 4.

Step 4

For step 4 of our how to draw a mermaid guide, we will look at your mermaid’s arms and chest. For this step, it helps to refer to the reference image exactly!

The arms extend straight from where the necklines end. You will be in a relaxed position to suggest that he is lazily swimming in the water.

Once you’ve used curved lines to draw her arms, you can draw the shells for her bikini.

Step 5

With some pretty straight lines, pull down from the shell bikini to create a waistline for your mermaid design.

Next, draw wavy lines across her arms to show how her hair is flowing behind her.

Make sure you place the lines to connect to the hair above the arms.

Finally, draw a slightly curved line below her waist, as this will be the beginning of her fishtail.

Step 6

Every mermaid needs a fishtail; we will add it to your mermaid drawing in this step.

This is done with two curvy lines coming down from the waist and curving to the right, as shown in the picture.

Once you have these lines, you can also draw the end of her hair flowing to the right of her waist.

Step 7

After you’ve drawn most of the fishtail, you can lengthen it and add the fin tip with hard lines like the ones in the picture.

Then you can draw a cute little flower in her hair for a cute look!

Step 8

Your mermaid drawing is almost done! In this step, we’ll focus on a few final small details.

These consist of a few long, thin lines in your hair to give it some structure. Next, use small curved lines all over the fishtail to give it a scaly look. Finally, add some lines to the tail for more texture!

Step 9

With the final details, you’re ready to tackle the funniest step: coloring!

This is a great opportunity to use some of your favorite colors to complement your beautiful mermaid.

We showed a way to color the drawing, but you should use your creativity to express yourself with color!

It’s also great fun with the artistic tools and media you choose.

Are you going to be more painterly with some acrylics or watercolors, more detailed with some colored pens and pencils, or bright and bold with some pastels? We are excited to see what you choose!

Your Mermaid Drawing is Finished!

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