One Piece Treasure Cruise: Top-Tiered Characters of 2021


Since its release in 2014, One Piece Treasure Cruise has been one of the most popular mobile adventure role-playing games (RPGs). The game’s huge popularity and countless accolades can be directly attributed to Bandai Namco’s unwavering support. One Piece Treasure Cruise, like a fine wine, improves with age, as seen by its increasing revenue performance and the steady stream of positive community feedback.

Treasure from One Piece The success of Cruise is, in most respects, anticipated. After all, a game made by a major developer and starring some of the most well-known anime characters in history can’t possibly bomb.

In terms of playable characters, One Piece Treasure Cruise has one of the largest casts of any gacha game. As formidable as it may look on paper, the sheer quantity of characters can quickly overwhelm new players, especially those just beginning to assemble their decks. Each player in One Piece Treasure Cruise is given eight decks, each of which can house a maximum of six characters, allowing for the creation of eight teams of 48 characters. With that in mind, narrowing down a cast of thousands to only 48 is an enormous undertaking.

Yet, if you are one of the players encountering this difficulty, you are in luck, as today’s blog post will cover 10 of the game’s best characters. Therefore, without further ado, have a look at the following.

One Piece Treasure Cruise Top Tiered Character List

We’d like to thank the Tiermaker community for providing much of the information that will be included in the list that follows. The image of the tier list below is the mean of the 115 tier lists posted to the site. Please keep in mind that the author’s own experience serves as the sole basis for any tier lists that may be presented. Also, not all playable characters can be placed in a single tier list, which is why only the most important ones are included below. The same logic applies to our list, which will only include the most prominent characters (SS and S+) from the illustration. Having said that, please feel free to peruse the following list.

1. Luffy & Law Miracle-Making Generation

The team of Luffy and Law, known as the Miracle-Making Generation, is considered to be the most formidable duo in the game. Switch Effect is one of the duo’s most powerful abilities because it allows them to break past any kind of defense and significantly increase their damage output while doing so. If you’re looking for a tandem to watch out for, this is it because it’s both powerful and has a good health recovery ability.

2. Monkey D. Luffy Gear Four: Snakeman

According to Fourth Gear Monkey D. Luffy, Snakeman is highly regarded as one of the most effective leaders of the Rainbow Troops. This character’s skill has been greatly enhanced since before his super development. This captain may offer your squad two sorts of slots of matching effects instead of just one, with a lower CD and a bigger ATK increase.

3. Douglas Bullet Monster Losing Sight of His Goal

Douglas Bullet Monster Losing Sight of His Mission, a former member of the Roger Pirates, became a titan or huge monster by using his awakened power to absorb the Navy’s Fleet. Douglas Bullet Monster Distracted From His Objective is as formidable as he appears, and is widely regarded as one of the game’s most formidable protagonists.

4. Sabo & Koala Youthful Revolutionary Aces

Two Cute Animals: Sabo and Koala The Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo, and a soldier named Koala make up the Youthful Revolutionary Aces. This duo, like the first on our list, is widely regarded as one of the game’s best units.

5. Carrot Mink Tribe’s True Form

During one round, the True Form of the Carrot Mink Tribe multiplies the benefits of the Fighter, Slasher, Striker, Shooter, and Cerebral character slots by two. As you transform into the Carrot Mink Tribe’s True Form, you have access to the Captain Ability, which shortens the charge time for Specials by two turns right off the bat. Characters with the Fighter, Slasher, Striker, Shooter, or Cerebral classes also receive a 2.75x increase to their ATK.

6. Whitebeard & Marco, The Fierce Battle at the Paramount War

Another formidable duo, Whitebeard and Marco are the Whitebeard Pirates’ captain and first division commander, respectively. The Blue Flame Shockwave Special is included in this duo and deals 30,000 damage to the enemy while restoring 20,000 Health to the team. Familial Bonds, a Captain power, is rated as “Very Excellent” because it has a wide variety of useful effects and does respectable damage.

7. Charlotte Katakuri A Man’s Battle

Charlotte Katakuri, as one of the Big Mama Pirates’ “sweet three generals,” is another top-tier player character. This character’s Special, Burning Mochi, can deal 30 times as much damage as the character has taken up to the point where the Special is activated. Slashers, Fighters, Shooters, Driven, and Powerhouse characters can all benefit from the Captain’s ability, Identifying a Strong Adversary, which increases their Attack.

8. Bartolomeo & Cavendish – Man-Eater & Nobleman Fighting Together

Another duo, Bartolomeo and Cavendish, consists of the captains of the Barto and Lovely pirate crews. The Blade and Barrier Onslaught special attack can multiply damage dealt to all foes by up to 75x. Cabbage and Lomeo’s Tag Team, their Captain ability, can increase ATK while decreasing damage for Driven characters.

9. Monkey D. Luffy, Surpassing the Strongest with his Crew

The Gum-Gum King Kong Gattling Special, used by the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, can deal 120x typeless damage to all foes. The Special not only increases the orb’s effect, but also the character’s normal attack. Increases to STR, DEX, and PSY’s ATK are possible with the Characteristics of a New Pirate King Captain Ability. In addition, the character’s ATK is multiplied by 4.5 due to this ability.

10. Sanji and Judge Parting of Father and Son

Sanji and Judge and Retro Bowl, a father and son team, come in at number ten on our list. Crack and Strike, the Special attack included with this duo, can reverse paralysis in as little as five turns. Sanji gets one effect, Judge gets another, and the whole team gets a third with the Captain’s ability, Sweet Scheme-Destroying Flash. The pairing of Sanji and Judge is the first in the game to include two characters with the same archetype.

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