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Stella Arcana: Game Guide for Beginners



One of the AAA-quality freemium ARPGs released in 2020 that did not receive much notice from the Android community was Stella Arcana. This game is steadily gaining popularity in the community despite a lackluster amount of downloads in the months following its release. This is because more people are getting the chance to enjoy the game’s thrilling mechanics, robust gameplay structure, and engrossing story.

If you are one of the lucky few who have only lately discovered this hidden gem, you are in luck. Why? Because our introductory guide will teach you not only the fundamentals, but also certain tricks. They are designed to ensure that new players have all they need before beginning the game.

But first, let’s take a quick look at the fundamental aspects and parts of Stella Arcana: Endless Starts’s gameplay structure.

A Mash-Up of Classic Elements Wrapped in Modern Presentation

Stella Arcana: Eternal Light, the studio LRGame’s debut release, is a visually stunning RPG. Stella Arcana’s creators, like other trailblazers, put in the time and effort to make their game competitive in the oversaturated mobile gaming industry. Everything in the game, from the tiniest detail to the largest globe map, is designed to function together for a smooth AAA experience.

Stella Arcana is a mash-up of traditional role-playing game features and contemporary design, which is important for novice players to keep in mind. To put it another way, neither the gameplay nor the framework of Stella Arcana: Eternal Light are really ground-breaking or original. For fans of the traditional role-playing game format, this is excellent news.

Priests are part of the Healing and Support classes and focus on increasing the effectiveness of their allies. They have the ability to bring back a fallen teammate as well. The Shadow Assassin Class is another helpful ally due to its mobility and high damage-per-second skills. This kind excels at taking out enemies at long range. Finally, there’s the Rosen Knight, the game’s Tank. For those unfamiliar with the phrase, a “Tank” is a character who has exceptionally high defense, armor, and health. They have the slowest moving speed, however.

Stella Arcana Class System

As was previously noted, Stella Arcana’s gameplay is standard for Android freemium ARPGs. This means there are a plethora of missions, equipment, pets, PVP fights, and other features to enjoy in the game. A newcomer or someone without a game plan or strategy may feel lost in such a setup. Keep in mind that you should prioritize gaining experience points (EXP) over anything else if you want to advance through the game’s levels quickly. So, it is beneficial to be familiar with the various game mechanics that award experience points.

Tarot Challenge, Guild Feast, PvP Arena, Side Quests, Story Quests, Selling Crops on Seed Island, Guild Quests, Scholar’s Test, Soulstar Cube, and Story Quests are all ways to earn experience in the game.

Plan Your Activity

Stella Arcana, as mentioned before, plays just like most freemium ARPGs for Android. This means that the game comes with tons of quests, a plethora of items/pets to collect, PVP battles, etc. This type of structure can easily overwhelm a new player especially those without a plan or strategy. Always remember, your focus should be on the acquisition of EXP or experience points for you to level up faster in the game. With that said, it pays to have a general knowledge of the activities in the game that comes with an EXP reward.

To help you with that dilemma, here are the activities in the game that reward players with EXP: Tarot Challenge, Guild Feast, PvP Arena, Side Quests, Story Quests, Selling Crops in Seed Island, Guild Quests, Scholar’s Test, Soulstar Cube, and Story Quests.

Join a Guild as Soon as Possible

Joining a guild is a crucial step for any new player in Stella Arcana. In order to gain access to the Guild Store and its special goodies, new players need to join a respectable guild. Guild Research, which can help you level up your character, will also be at your disposal.

Take Advantage of the Auto-Battle System

Finally, Stella Arcana has an Auto-Battle Backrooms feature, which is helpful when farming for materials. The Auto Combat system can be tweaked and personalized under the game’s primary settings, namely the combat settings tab.

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